Via S. Maddalena di Sotto 30 - Bolzano (Bolzano) 39100
Phone: +39 0471 973033 - e-mail: info@kandlerhof.it

In 1793, the farm estate was bought by Johan Spornberger. Gregor Spornberger began bottling wines for the first time in the farm’s history at the end of the 1960s. Gregor Spornberger was a pioneer in many ways, regarding mechanical as well as practical innovations. He worked hard to turn the farm into what it is today. His son Martin Spornberger, wife Irene and their son Hannes are currently running the farm. This estate has remained the Spornberger family’s estate for 200 years now, hence it was endowed with the title of “Erbhof” – “Ancestral Estate”, by the province of South Tyrol. Keeping wine enthusiasts and experts close to us, we always strive to maintain good relationships with our clients. Our regular customers appreciate that they may savor high quality at a reasonable price. And, what is of great importance to our family is that our wines harmonize beautifully with delicacies from the local cuisine, making them ever more precious.